This monograph was published on the occasion of Yang Fudong's solo exhibition at Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art from May to August 2009. It features three new works — Dawn Mist, Separation Faith, a film presented on nine screens, General's Smile, a multi-channel video installation, and Blue Kylin Part 2, a slideshow. An archive of published essays on the artist, a chronology of works and comprehensive bibliography are included.
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li xin zhi wu yang fu dong ge zhan

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About the exhibition 'Dawn Mist, Separation Faith'

- LI Zhenhua, 李振華, LIAO Wenfeng, 廖文峰

The Path of Exile, The Uncertain Feeling & Intellectuals: Something About Yang Fudong

- LI Zhenhua, 李振華

Archive Text & Interview
The White Cloud Drifting Across the Sky Above the Scene of an Earthquake

- Yuko HASEGAWA, 長谷川祐子

Wild Shanghai Grass

- Molly NESBIT

Yang Fudong: Moments that touch us

- CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁

Chinese Intellectuals in Yang Fudong's Work - a Western View

- Elisabeth SLAVKOFF

Yang Fudong and Alain Robbe-Grillet

- JIANG Zhi, 蔣志

An Interview with Yang Fudong: The Uncertain Feeling - An Extranged Paradise

- ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇

About Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest: Part 1: A Chill Spreading through the Air

- ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇

About Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest: Part 2: The Power Behind

- ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇

A Thousand Words: Yang Fudong Talks About the Seven Intellectuals

- YANG Fudong, 楊福東

Dawn Mist, Separation Faith: Yang Fudong's Solo Exhibition
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Dawn Mist, Separation Faith: Yang Fudong's Solo Exhibition, 離信之霧—楊褔東個展