This publication is produced two years after the biennial exhibition of the same title held in Taipei Fine Arts Museum from September 2012 to January 2013.

'The Taipei Biennial 2012 featured 45 artists and art groups. Additionally, it hosted six "mini-museums" at which individual curators or curatorial teams gathered artists of their own choosing. The exhibition as a whole attempted to reflect the many problems and processes of modern history through an Asian perspective and to explore the global, even the universal, historical experience with the unfettered attitude of contemporary art. 

This journal is an archive of documentation of the exhibitions from the beginning to the end, allowing them to live in another form.' - excerpted from foreword.
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Notes From the Aural Contract Audio Archive: A Contemporary Chronology of Forensic Listening - Lawrence ABU HAMDAN
The Museum of the Monster That is History
The Museum of the Monster That is History - James T. HONG, 洪子健, Anselm FRANKE
Photography of the Great Leap Forward and Great Famine - LI Jei
Metaphysics of Absence: Martyrs Museums in Iran - BEHPOOR Bavand
The Museum of Ante-Memorials
Power of the False (Notes from a Journal) - BAUDELAIRE Eric
Secret Room - Landscape - Power: Wakamatsu Films and the Liberation of Sex - Masao MATSUDA
The Museum of the Infrastructural Unconscious
The Museum of the Infrastructural Unconscious - Territorial Agency
Arsenic: Geopharmakon - Nabil AHMED
Museum Futures: Live, Recorded, Distributed, 2008 - Marysia LEWANDOWSKA, 柳思雅, Neil CUMMINGS
Dear Marshal Tie Jia - HSU Chiawei, 許家維
To Prison - Tatsumi HIJIKATA
The Turner Diaries: Epilogue - William Luther PIERCE
The Incest Museum - Simon FUJIWARA
The life of particles: A Visual Research Project - Angela MELITOPOULOS, Maurizio LAZZARATO
Time of No Shadows (1959-2004) - CHANG Chaotang, 張照堂
The Manipulations of Time - Henri LEFEBVRE
Afterword: Taipei Biennial - CHANG Fangwei, 張芳薇
The Museum of Gourd
How to Catch a Beast: A Brief History - Chihiro MINATO, 港千尋
The Museum of Crossings
The Museum of Crossings - Anselm FRANKE, LIN Hongjohn, 林宏璋
The Last Will and Testament of Me, a Poor, Sinful, and Worthless Creature Commonly Known by the Assumed name of George Psalmanazar - PSALMANAZAR George
The Museum of Rhythm
Museum of Rhythm: A Constellation of Anomaly - Natasha GINWALA
Death and Life of Fiction - Modern Monsters: Taipei Biennial 2012 Journal
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Death and Life of Fiction - Modern Monsters: Taipei Biennial 2012 Journal

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