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Deep Breath: Explore the Female Strength in Chinese Contemporary Art | 深度呼吸 - 探尋中國當代藝術中的女性力量 - JIANG Mei, 江梅
Painting is A Requirement of Internal Life | 畫畫是一種內在生命的需要 - CAI Jin, 蔡錦
The Unknown Mysterious World in Imagination Always Attracts Me More than the Real World | 想象的未知的神秘世界總是比現實世界更吸引我 - CHEN Ke, b. 1978, 陳可
Painting is Only A Living Way Belonging to Oneself | 畫畫不過就是一種屬於自己的生活方式 - CHEN Qiaoqiao, 陳巧巧
Is the Incarnation or Intergrowth of Life Especially Beautiful and Touching? | 生命的輪回或共生是否特別美麗動人? - CHEN Xiaodan, 陳小丹
It's Realistic Abstract, not Abstract for the Purpose of Abstraction | 是現實的抽象,不是為抽象而抽象 - Jenny CHEN, 陳張莉
Respect and Obey the Choice of My Inner World | 尊重和聽從自己內心的選擇 - CUI Xiuwen, 崔岫聞
Portray 'the Black Hole behind the Sky' | 描繪「天空後的黑洞」 - FU Liya, 甫立亞
My Works Are Directly Connected with My Life | 我的作品都是和我的生活有直接的聯繫 - JIANG Jie, 姜傑
It's Dependence, Deviation, Solitude, Also A Kind of Discussion about Human Relationship | 是依靠,是背離,是獨自,也是一種對人的關係的探討 - JIN Weihong, 靳衛紅
Contemporary Art is the Most Sensitive Nerve in the Body of the Society | 當代藝術是社會身體中一根最敏感的神經 - LI Xiuqin, 李秀勤
(Warmth of Sculpture) | 雕塑的溫度 - LIAO Haiying, 廖海瑛
Sense and Sensibility | 理性與感性 - LIU Hong, 劉虹
Now, Only Paint for Myself and for the State of Mind | 現在只想成為自己,為心境而畫 - SHEN Ling, 申玲
Nationality is Your Respect for Yourself | 民族性就是你尊重你自己 - SHI Hui, 施慧
Distance and Displacement | 距離與轉位 - WANG Yida, 汪伊達
I'm Still Talking about the Problem of Humanity, Only Using the Means of Woman's Body | 我談論的還是人性的問題,只是借用了女人的身體 - XIANG Jing, 向京
Search All the Experiences to Sketch | 搜盡經歷打草稿 - YIN Xiuzhen, 尹秀珍
Maintaining the Independent Spirit is the Most Important | 保持獨立精神, 這才是最重要的 - YU Hong, 喻紅
Living and Being Appreciated at the Same Time | 生活同時又是被觀賞的 - ZHANG Xin, 張新
Deep Breath: Chinese Contemporary Female Art Exhibition
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Deep Breath: Chinese Contemporary Female Art Exhibition, 深度呼吸 - 中國當代女性藝術展