Featured in this CD-Rom is an exciting, interactive interpretation of motiroti's celebrated participatory performance Wigs of Wonderment. It is a performance that challenges Western ideas about beauty and the 'exotic' by inviting the audience to take a sensory journey through the languages of style and fashion.

List of content:
1)Hair - a selection of wigs is offered to participants to try on and discuss (Performers: Shobna Gulati & Georgina Evans)
2)Make-up - participants are given a make-over (Performers: Tammy Harewood
3)Stance - A cross-dresser, in a sari, dancing in Green Street, East London (Performer: Anand Kumar)
4)Perfume - Animation of a series of perfume bottles, each containing the essence of a perfume (Performer: Ali Zaidi)
5)Garden - Animation of a series of stories about flowers and herbs (Performer: Nina Edge)

A Booklet is attached to the CD, articles included are:
1) Introduction by Keith Khan
2) Wigs of Wonderment by Dorothy Rowe
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Documenting Live! Wigs of Wonderment

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