'Microscopic Narration' consists of two solo exhibitions by artists Zhang Xiaotao and Li Yifan, 'Mist' and 'Dossier'. Zhang Xiaotao frequently exhibits as a painter while Li Yifan works as a documentary director. Though working with different mediums, both of them have been devoted to textual research and narration of Chinese modern reality.

This catalogue presents Li Yifan's documentary video works in 'Dossier'. Li Yifan undertakes field surveys and draws visual samples from the underclass of Chinese society, unveiling the realistic and spiritual facets of an existence at the bottom of Chinese society. Artist biography provided.

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Dang an: li yi fan zuo pin | Microscopic Narration: Social Images by Zhang Xiaotao and Li Yifan 微觀敘事: 張小濤+李一凡的社會圖像

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The 'Microscopic Narrative' and 'Pathological Research': The Social Images - WU Hung, 巫鴻
Empathetic Multilayered Narratives: The Art of Zhang Xiaotao and Li Yifan - FENG Boyi, 馮博一
Dossier Exhibition Proposal - LI Yifan, 李一凡
About Before the Flood - LI Yifan, 李一凡
A Slice of Contemporary China Before the Flood - Minoru WATABE
The Heart of an Open Question - LIU Dianxia, 劉典俠
A Diary of Village Archive
9 to 10 Director's Statement
Li Yifan talks about his work 9 to 10
Dossier: Works by Li Yifan
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Dossier: Works by Li Yifan, 檔案: 李一凡作品