This collection of 7 DVDs was produced as part of a research project, led by a group of artists for the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Kunste (IGBK), to investigate visions and experiences in exhibiting and mediating contemporary art. Through interviews, the project gathers various perspectives of artists, curators and theorists with an emphasis on non-profit project spaces and artist run initiatives. Discs 5 and 6 focus on Hong Kong and the China.

Individuals and organisations featured include:

Disc 1 - Rotor, Depot, Schnittpunkt, Info Offspring, Uqbar, Konsthall C

Disc 2 - Ute Meta Bauer, Charles Esche, Barbara Steiner, Sarat Maharaj, Leonie Baumann

Disc 3 - P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E Museum and P74, SCCA Ljubljana, h.arta, D21, CAC Vilnius, Sparwasser HQ

Disc 4 - PiST///, Oda Projesi, :mentalKLiNiK, Platform Garanti, Erden Kosova, Gülsün Karamustafa

Disc 5 - Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Johnson Chang, Para/Site, Videotage, 1a Space, Vitamin Creative Space

Disc 6 - Libreria Borges, OCAT, Lijiang Studio, Qiu Zhijie, Square Gallery, Gao Bo & Guan Ce, Shu Yong

Disc 7 - Max Delany, Steven Wickham, Ardi Gunawan, Wiebke Brix, Michael Vale, David Harley, Angela Cavalieri, Sara Lindsay, Raphael Zimmerman, Peter Hill, Tamsin Green, Deb Bain King, Florentina Munteanu, Devon Ackerman, Ann Wertheim

Please refer to the accompanying booklet (location code: REF.ALD) for project details.

Dreams of Art Spaces Collected: Starting from Europe, China & Australia
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Dreams of Art Spaces Collected: Starting from Europe, China & Australia