Four exhibitions on contemporary Korean art were held at four venues in the Netherlands for the Dutch-Korean Contemporary Art 2003 programme. These exhibitions were part of the cultural activities commemorating the arrival of Hendrik Hamel in Korea 350 years ago, which symbolised the beginning of the Korea-Netherlands relations.

Each of the four venues displayed an aspect of Korean contemporary art. In the Netherlands Media Art Institute, artists documented their experience of the fast-expanding and changing city lives with video, photography and installation. In De Appel, artists addressed the issue of the relationship between North and South Korea. Emphasis on the identity of the individual was the theme of the exhibition featuring works by 2 photographers at the Foam Photography Museum. Lastly, at Canvas International art, the focus of the artists was on 'national identity'.

Artist biographies as well as brief introduction of the work of each of the artists, or art groups, are provided.

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Three Dutchmen and Korean Art in the 1990s - LEE Youngchul, 이영철
Critical Art in Korea: Some Currents - BECK Jeesook, 백지숙
Dutch-Korean Contemporary Art 2003: Korean Contemporary Art 2003 - Facing Korea
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Dutch-Korean Contemporary Art 2003: Korean Contemporary Art 2003 - Facing Korea