First major exhibition on the history, artists and works of E.A.T (Experiments in Art and Technology) at NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, April 11-June 29, 2003. Originally founded by the engineer, Billy Kluver in 1960, E.A.T was an attempt to meld practices, methods and approaches of artists, engineers and scientists into the artistic environment. Over the years, its members (over a thousand) have included such stellar names as Jaspar Johns, Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, as well as the Japanese artist, Fujiko Nakaya. This exhibition raises the question of how to understand the 'tradition' of 'art and technology' that not only addresses the past (starting with Modernity) but its significance today. An edited history of E.A.T by Billy Kluver and Julie Martin. Essays and biographies.
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Preface: E.A.T. and ICC - Hisanori GOGOTA, 後々田寿徳
The Story of E.A.T. - Billy KLUVER
Description of Works - Kei KAMIDANDA, 上神田敬
A Brief Chronology of E.A.T.
A Loose Communion: The Early Works of E.A.T. and its Contemporary Significance - Yoshitomo MORIOKA, 森岡祥倫
On E.A.T.'s Works in Japan and E.A.T. Tokyo - Fujiko NAKAYA, 中谷芙二子
The Body of Inter-Art: The Situation of Performance in the 1960s - Kikuko TOYAMA, 外山紀久子
Music and E.A.T./ Experiments in Intermedia - Minoru HATANAKA, 畠中実
The Garden Party - Billy KLUVER
Biographies of the Artists - Kei KAMIDANDA, 上神田敬
E.A.T. Bibliography
E.A.T. - The Story of Experiments in Art and Technology
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E.A.T. - The Story of Experiments in Art and Technology

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