Book published to accompany a supporting programme for emerging artists organised by Seoul Museum of Art in 2015.

Featuring 16 selected emerging artists, the book is comprised of articles on each artist by various art critics or curators. Brief artists' biographies are included.

'Its 8th year, the program aims to create a new transit in Korean art scene and nurture artists with belief that "artists grow with opportunities to exhibit their works". This program not only subsidizes the expenses incurred in holding a solo exhibition for artists but also provides collective workshops and 1:1 critic matching program in order to enhance the quality of exhibition and boost their desire for creative activities.'-excerpt from the foreword.

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Chapter headings
The great trivia of a collector - AHN Soyeon, 안소연
We die everyday, everyday - LEE Danji, 이단지
The cannon of dissonance - MAENG Jeeyoung, 맹지영
The face that sensuality confronts, journey for the (im)possible encounter
The reason the artist needed poetry: Commentary on Yuri An's solo exhibition, The Unharvested Sea - AHN Sohyun, 안소현
Words that finally became a poem - siren eun young jung, 정은영
All exiles have a hidden luck - BAE Myeongji
Hidden Luck
Signs as possibilities: the meaning of art
Journey to interminable nausea: A conversation with the pitch dark space - Gahee PARK, CHOI Soojung, 최수정
A wild dog in a black field does not fall asleep - HWANG Jungin, 황정인
Square note: A musical score for painting - KIM Sungwon, 김성원
The aesthetics of useless - KIM Sungwon, 김성원
Jeong Ki Hoon: Effort for a 'vain effect' - Leeji HONG, 홍이지
A Conversation with everything that dreams - LIM Shan
Her keen feet - JEON Hyeogyoung, 전효경
A very enduring disposable aesthetics - BAN Ejung, 반이정
Green, green grass of home - KIM Wongkie, 김웅기
Sung Rok Choi's solo exhibition The Height of Phantom: Being ghost, scrolling the world - YOO Wonjoon
The height of phantom: The investigative note of Sung Rok Choi - CHO Juri
Future, attempted by present radio kit generation destroying utopian technology-world: Artist Kim Wonhwa - YOO Wonjoon
The fantasy of ideology resides there - HWANG Jungin, 황정인
Self-moving reproduction: Soft copy drama - BANG Hyejin
The sea in the island Baba Theatre 'So happened' - GU Nayeon
Whenever now is - KIM Haeju
A journey coordinating sound and voice - KIM Haeju
Reviewing the text in the series of Zepheth, Whale Oil, Hanging Gardens to you, Shell through text - BANG Hyejin
Conies - Just as the monitor dies when it explodes, flowers change - MUN Hyejin, 문혜진
Questions on the exhibition Conies - Gahee PARK, YIM Yuri, 임유리
Emerging Artists 2015
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Emerging Artists 2015, 이머징 아티스트

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