Catalogue published for the exhibition of Taiwanese artists held at the Kuandu Museum of Arts in Taiwan from February to April 2006. The exhibition was sponsored by the National Culture and Arts Foundation. The exhibition showcases works in multiple forms of art. The catalogue includes essays of each artist's works, which are divided into five parts: Subject Topology, Sensible Now, Physical Syn-perception, Digital Scenery, and Free Traces of Fantacy.

Includes also images of the artworks and artists' biographies.
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Kong chang: dang dai yi shu yu dang dai zhe xue de dui hua

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Exhibition Discourse of 'Empty Fields': A Dialogue between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy / 策展論述:展覽之前 - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
'Empty Fields' Call Forth Many 'Empty Fields' / 召喚很多【空場】的《空場》:對於《空場》作品的交叉閱讀與分類 - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
Topic Discourse / 主題專文
The Cold Passion: The Aestheticalization of Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault and Philosophy / 冰冷的激情:尼采,傳柯與哲學的美學化 - Fabian HEUBEL, 何乏筆
The Self-Technic of Body Action: The Late Foucault Reading by Grotowsky / 真實身體行動的自我技術:用果陀斯基閱讀晚期傳柯 - GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍
Schizo and Creation (1/2): The Extreme Experience of Intervening by Language / 分裂仔(schizo)與創作(1/2):從語言切入的極限經驗 - YANG Kailing, 楊凱麟
From Foucault's 'Techniques of the Self' to the Subject Discussion of 'Empty Fields' / 從傳柯【自我技術】到【空場】的主題論域 - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy: 'The Question of the Subject and Techniques of the Self' Symposium / 當代藝術與當代哲學:主題問題與自我技術座談會 - Fabian HEUBEL, 何乏筆, TANG Shouzhi, 唐守志
Essays of the Works / 作品研究專文
Subtitle I. Subject Topology / 一,展覽子題:主體拓撲
But We Responded: Chen Kaihuang (TCHENOGRAMME) at 'Empty Fields' / 但是我們回應:陣愷璜在【空場】 - CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑
Beyond the Smoke Lies Nothing: 'Smoking' and Kuang-yu Tsui's 'Untitled' Burning Straw Photography / 撥開煙霧就什麼都不是:《冒煙》與崔廣宇的《無題》燒稻草攝影 - CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑
Three Kinds of Meletê Thanatou / 三種末日訓練 - GONG Jowjiun, 龔卓軍
Chun-chi Lin: Concentrated Repetitive Actions Highlight the Incremental Process of Alienation / 以排泄/嘔吐召喚空場:談林俊吉的行為表演/影像裝置 - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
The Blank that Lie Wouldn't Clear / 謊言所未知的空白 - CHEN Weifeng, 陳維峰
Subtitle II. Sensible Now / 二,展覽子題:即刻感性
The Aura Without History / 沒有歷史的光 - HUANG Chienhung, 黃建宏
Desire Straight Ahead: A Discussion of the Art and Life of Wei-wen Fang / 慾望直行:談方偉文的創作與他生活的土地 - HSU Yuanta, 許遠達
Subtitle III. Physical Syn-Perception / 三,展覽子題:共感身體
Beyond Listening: Meets Lacan, on the Road of Te-yu Wang's No. 56 and Foucault's 'Hermeneutics of the Subject' / 關於【聽】的弦外之音 - CHEN Taisong, 陳泰松
Ya-lun Tao: Art is a mechanism to aid understanding and transcend the difficulties of our own existence / 困場/空場的全息感通:陶亞倫影像裝置與主體治理的技術 - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
Subtitle IV. Digital Scenery / 四,展覽子題:數位風景
Heter-Image: From 'Still Life in Sunlight' Extending to Ya-hui Wang's Frame of Space-time Conception / 異影像:從《日光下的靜物》再談王雅慧的框像時空概念 - WU Yutang, 吳宇棠
The Starting Point of 'From the Other Side' / 關於《自彼方來》的觀視引言 - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Subtitle V. Free Traces of Fantasy / 五,展覽子題:自由幻跡
About Hung-teh Huang / 咽喉為口與肺胃之通道 - WANG Rainn Pinhwa, 王品驊
Another Lisao: The Stranger Stepped on Salsa Rhythm in his Hometown / 也是離騷:紀嘉華,這個在故鄉踩著騷莎舞步的陌生人 - HSIEH Beatrice Paini, 謝佩霓
Depression is the Master of Substance, Emptiness is the Master of Sound: Shih-chiang Yeh's Life and Art / 蕭條者形之君也寂寞者音之主也:記葉世強的生命和藝術 - PAN Sheaushei, 潘小雪
An Analysis of Bu Zi's Calligraphy and Self-Cultivation: From Art Historical Interpretation / 試論陳宗琛(卜茲)草書藝術與自我鍛鍊:一個藝術史的解釋 - WU Chaojan Philip, 吳超然
Ceramic Sculpture by Yuan-tai Yang: Boldly Between Heaven and Earth / 昂然天地間:楊元太的陶雕 - WEN Shutzu, 溫淑姿
Empty Fields: A Dialogue Between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy
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Empty Fields: A Dialogue Between Contemporary Art and Contemporary Philosophy, 空場: 當代藝術與當代哲學的對話