This is the catalogue for Yang Jiechang’s first one-man show in Hong Kong, which was held at the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong in 2001. The body of works on display showed paintings from Yang’s three creative periods: 1) a series entitled ‘100 layers of Ink’ (1989-1998); 2) a series in which concrete objects replace the abstract geometric forms of the former series (1994-1998); and a series called ‘Double View’ (1999-00), featuring large black line drawings. One of Yang’s main concerns in these works is to implant Chinese traditional painting aesthetics and thought into a contemporary context. Audience will find his works in fact go beyond the visual effect and beyond representation. In so doing, Yang invites the viewer to consider art and life as a creative force which is open to multiple transformations. This publication also features an introduction by Alice King and a study of Yang’s art by Martina Koeppel-Yang. A biography of the artist is also included.

本圖錄收錄的是楊詰蒼於2001年在香港大學美術博物館舉辦首次個展的作品。這批作品來自三個創作時期:1) 1989年至1998年期間創作的「千層墨」系列;2) 在1994年至1998年期間,具象物品已取代了楊詰蒼前作中常見的抽象幾何圖形;及 (3) 「重複」系列創作於1999年至2000年期間,這批作品俱是由粗黑線條構成的大型畫作。楊詰蒼希望透過這些作品,把中國的傳統繪畫美學及理念移植到當代的社會土壤裏。對觀眾來說,他的作品已突破了視覺效果和表現形式的藩籬。楊詰蒼以這種方式,促使觀眾將藝術和人生視作一股在各種力量影響下不斷演變蛻化的創作泉源。本圖錄的簡介由金董建平執筆,Martina Koeppel-Yang亦撰文分析了楊詰蒼的作品。本書附有楊詰蒼的簡歷。
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Introduction - Alice KING, 董建平
Yang Jiecang: Painting Beyond the Visual - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
Enlightened Blackness: Ink Paintings by Yang Jiechang
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Enlightened Blackness: Ink Paintings by Yang Jiechang, 玄妙玄實:楊詰蒼的繪畫

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