This disc contains images of the following art events in Hong Kong:

1. Opening of Jolan Fung's photography show 'Desire/Disappearance' at Art Beatus Gallery. (28 images)

2. A show of paintings by Zhao Gang at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. (24 images)

3. Wei Dong's solo exhibition 'Perfumed Paradise' at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre. (34 images)

4. King of Kowloon Street Calligraphy Exhibition at Telford Plaza, curated by Kinwai Lau. (46 images)

5. Stanley Wong installing work at Victoria Prison as part of the Wandering Homes: Refabricating City - Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture. (39 images)

6. The opening of Irene Chou's show '84' at Hanart TZ Gallery. (45 images)

7. The book launch of Oasis: Artist Studios in Hong Kong published by AOMM Creative Limited. (35 images)

8. 'Mall Actions' Talk by Adriana Yoto at KLUUBB. (4 images)

9. 'New Photography in China' exhibition (part of the City Festival) at Pacific Place. Other venues for the exhibition included the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Hong Kong Fringe Club. (30 images)

10. 'Today After Tomorrow' Ceci Liu's photography show at 1a space. (69 images)

11. Contemporary China Through the Lens, City Festival 2008 Symposium, held at the HK Fringe Club. (15 images)

12. Fotanian 2008: Fotan Artists Open Studios. (166 images)

13. 'New Year Offerings: Liu Dahong in 2008' at the HK Arts Centre. (2 images)

14. 'A Return to Silence' is an exhibition of photographs by Patrick Lee at Art Statements Gallery. (24 images)

15. 'Beyond the Surface: Chinese Abstract Art' at the Macau Museum of Art. (124 images)

16. Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV Launching Exhibition at Hong Kong City Hall, organized by the Art Promotion Office. (206 images)

17. Hu Xiangcheng's solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Hanart TZ Gallery. (55 images)

18. Exhibits in the Wandering Homes: Refabricating City - Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture at the Old Central Police Station Compound. (224 images)

19. The exhibition 'Crosscurrents: New Media Art from Beijing and Hong Kong' at Osage Kwun Tong. Includes works by artists Qiu Zhijie, Jin Jiangbo and Kingsley Ng. (113 images)

Photos by Wen Yau, Phoebe Wong, Frankie Lung, Janet Chan and Anthony Yung.
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Event Documentation by AAA Hong Kong Staff: January 2008