Venues: Joyce, Central; Joyce, TST; G.O.D, Causeway Bay; Kitterick, Hollywood Plaza; The Body SHop, Rusell Street, Times Square; Offspin, Shatin New Town Plaza; Offspin, Festival Walk; Seibu, Pacific Place; Seibu, Windsor House; The Body SHop, Pacific Place; The Body Shop, Festival Walk; The Body Shop, TST Carnarvon Road; The Body SHop, City Plaza, Taikoo Shing; The Body SHop, Taipo Mega Hall; The Body SHop, Tsuen Wan, Tai Ho Road; Millies, Central; Seibu, Pacific Place; G.O.D., Causeway Bay; Millie's, TST, Parklane; Millie's TST Harbour City; Mille's, Teleford Garden, Kowloon Bay; Offspin, Tuen Mun Town Plaza
Date: 8 - 31 August 2001; 1 - 24 September 2001; 1 - 30 October 2001


1.1) 1 Print-out (2 pages): with programme schedule of the event (English and Chinese)
1.2) 1 Print-out: with programme schedule, updated version (English)

2) 1 Fact Sheet: with information about Annie Wong Leung Kit-Wah Art Foundation (English and Chinese)

3) 3 Print-outs: of Building Hong Kong 01 (0801-0901 Causeway Bay) by Stanley Wong, anothermountainman
3.1) Artwork Image
3.2) Text about the Artwork (English and Chinese)
3.3) Installation Plan at G.O.D. (Chinese)

4) 1 Print-out Image: of Protector by Kum Chikeung

5) 1 Print-out Image: of artwork by Kacey Wong

6) 5 Photographs: of Kwok Mang Ho, Frog King's Art is Frog
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Event File (Hong Kong): Art Windows, 藝術活動檔案 (香港): 藝術窗