Mobile Art, Chanel Contemporary Art Container by Zaha Hadid is an international exhibition touring from 2008 to 2010. Hong Kong is the first stop, it will also tour in Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow and Paris.

1) Exhibition Catalogue which contains 3 folders:
1.1) 'Touring From 2008 to 2010' Folder - 9 pages and 1 CD-rom
1.2) 'The Artists' Folder about the participating artists - 21 leaflets and 1 CD-rom
1.3) 'Zaha Hadid' Folder about the pavilion - 5 pages and 1 CD-rom

2) 1 Publication 'Hong Kong Chanel Mobile Art Issue #1', 120 pages (English)

3) 1 Publication 'Hong Kong Chanel Mobile Art Issue #1 創刊號' (Chinese), an translated abstract of the English issue.

4) 1 big envelope with a book 'Secret of a Living Myth' and a CD-rom in the same title.

5) 1 big envelope with a leaflet 'Creativity' and a series of enclosed paper bags, one inside another. (no CD-rom)

6) 1 set of 3 cards (2 copies) : 'WHY', 'URGENT ARTIST NEEDED' and 'EMPTY YOUR BAG BARE YOUR SOUL'. Pick-up from the exhibition.
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Event File (Hong Kong): Mobile Art, CHANELContemporary Art Container by Zaha Hadid, 文化/藝術團體檔案 (香港): CHANEL Mobile Art 展覽館

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