1) Singapore Art Show 2005 (23 Sept - 23 Oct 2005)
1.1) 1 News release
by the National Arts Council, dated 1 Sep 2005; 8 pages.
1.2) 10 Exhibition synopsis and 1 acknowledgement of the show:
1.2.1) 4x4: Episodes of Singapore Art Show 2005
1.2.2) A different Light - Works from Selected Collections
1.2.3) Batik Forms: Rethinking Traditions
1.2.4) Creative Curating Lab
1.2.5) Colour Permutations: Jaafar Latiff's Paintings 2000-2005
1.2.6) Line-Art Exhibition
1.2.7) New Contemporaries - New Art from Lasalle College of the Arts
1.2.8) You Can Touch (2 pages)
1.2.9) Art of the Second Generation
1.2.10) Open Section
1.2.11) Acknowledgements of the Show (2 pages).

The package contains a CD-rom filed under the Audio-Visual section.

2) Singapore Art Show 2007 (2 Aug-8 Oct 2007)
2.1) 1 foldedLeaflet: 'This is my Art', program guide of the Show
2.2) 1 leaflet: a overview of programs in the Show: Curating Lab; You are not a Tourist; In Conversation; Word of Mouth, 'Raised' - a Mini Carnival at little India.
2.3) 1 leaflet: 'Raised' - A Mini Art Carnival at Little India*

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