This catalogue accompanies the group exhibition held at Today Art Museum, Beijing in March 2011. It gathers works by 24 Chinese artists, with the underlying notion that painting is a form of 'writing' and expression of the spirit. Curator Jiang Zaiming writes, 'The Chinese way of writing should not be restricted by the material, it embodies the present situation of art by revealing the nature of painting; The Chinese way of writing follows the consistent principles of Chinese painting: "Brush and ink evolves with the time"; The Chinese way of writing discards the perverted nationalism stand, in the ground of open modern Chinese society, searching for the royal road to the great beauty; The attitude of inheritance and innovation is the essence of Chinese way of writing, which also constitutes the basic idea of this exhibition.'

Artist pages are accompanied by short essays and other texts, some of which are available in Chinese only.

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Zhong guo shi shu xie

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'The Chinese Way of Writing' Preface

- JIANG Zaiming, 蔣再鳴


- Eleonora BATTISTON

Secular Icons

- YIN Lichuan, 尹麗川


- WANG Lin, 王林


- LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

公共水墨與私密笑語──劉慶和水墨人物畫之當代意義 (in Chinese only)

- YANG Xiaoyan, 楊小彥


- Stephanie Debue LILANDE, 施靜怡


- Eleonora BATTISTON

李華生的綫“日記” (in Chinese only)

- GAO Minglu, 高名潞

Appetite for Food and Sex Is Nature - New Literati Painting Movement and Li Jin's Works

- LI Xianting, 栗憲庭


- WEN Pulin, 溫普林


- LU Peng, 呂澎


- WANG Lin, 王霖


- GU Wenda, 谷文達

Modern Calligraphy, Abstract Art - A Brief Evaluation of Shao Yan's Work

- ZHU Qingsheng, 朱青生


- LU Peng, 呂澎

Fragments of Time Space

- ZHU Zhu, 朱朱

Something About Memory

- WU Yi, 武藝


- WU Azure, 吳蔚

To Respond to the Moment without Forgetting: Contemporary Brush Painting by Wei Ligang

- Robert C. MORGAN, 摩根羅伯特


- PI Daojian, 皮道堅

Expression of Chinese Contemporary Art
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Expression of Chinese Contemporary Art, 中國式書寫