Published in conjunction with the photography exhibition held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei from March to June 2011, to mark the centenary of the founding of the Republic of China. It begins with early images of Taiwan by Scottish photographer and explorer John Thomson, who arrived in 1871. It is followed by photographs that depict life on the island during the Qing period (1871-1895), the Japanese occupation (1895-1945), and the Nationalist era (1945-2011). Other plates are grouped thematically under the sections 'Orchid Island', 'Mental Imagery', 'Fine Art Photography', and 'Portraits'. Together these images chronicle the island's development, including social and cultural aspects. They document the lives of the island's inhabitants, from eminent families to ordinary people and disadvantaged groups, and from the Han Chinese to aborigines and ethnic minorities. 247 images by 114 photographers are featured in the exhibition.

Includes curators' statements by Chuang Ling and Chang Tsang-sang; with contributions by Lin Chih-ming, Lai Chih-chang, and Chia-Chi Jason Wang. Appendix includes a chronology of the development of Taiwanese photography compiled by Wang Ya-lun and basic biographical information about the photographers.

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Shi dai zhi yan tai wan bai nian shen ying

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From 1871 to 2011, Cultural and Artistic Chapters of Taiwan's Photographic Realm

- CHUANG Ling, 莊靈

Together in Harmony: The Epic Saga of a Century of Taiwanese Photography

- CHANG Changsong, 張蒼松

19th Century Images of Taiwan: New Clues and Interpretations

- LIN Chiming, 林志明

About the Glass Negatives of the Lin Family of Wufeng

- LAI Chihchang, 賴志彰

The Yet-to-be-Constructed History of Taiwanese Photography: A Prologue to the Exhibition 'Eye of the Times: Centennial Images of Taiwan'

- WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥

Appendix: Chronology of the Development of Taiwanese Photography

- WANG Yalun, 王雅倫

About the Photographers
Eye of the Times: Centennial Images of Taiwan
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Eye of the Times: Centennial Images of Taiwan, 時代之眼:臺灣百年身影