This monograph is printed to commemorate the 70th birthday of internationally acclaimed Hong Kong artist Fang Zhaoling whose works display a creativeness interwoven with modern techniques seldom found in traditional Chinese paintings.
Seventy-six works are featured in this monograph, and half of the works are annotated with anecdotes regarding the creation process. Here are two examples:
On Plate #25, Landscape in Blue Tone, she explains, "This is another example of the new Cun Fa (Wrinkle Method): using light blue mixed with lead powder to bring out a texture on a comparatively dark foundation colour. It is amazing that in creation, if one dares, one can produce paintings that are entirely different from those of other artists or the old masters."
On Plate #17, Lotus in Monochrome, she confesses, "Recently, I felt depressed. But after I have completed this ink-splash lotus painting, all the disturbances in my mind disappear. It is like taking an icy cold drink in hot summer."
Biography of the artist is also included.
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Fang Zhaoling Portfolio
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Fang Zhaoling Portfolio, 方召麐作品選