Video recording of the Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Performance Art held at the French Cultural Centre, Yangon in February 2008. The event titled ‘iUi 01 — Process of Initiating, Updating and Integrating’ included workshops, seminars and performances.

Disc 1 (Seminar, 7 Feb)
- Opening speech by Stephane Dovert
- '20th Century Major Theatre Practices' by Rey Buono

Disc 2 (Seminar, 7 Feb)
- 'How Do We Perform Without Boundaries' by Alex Dea, who presents a short music and dance composition after his talk.

Disc 3 (Seminar, 8 Feb)
- Ruth Pongstaphone discusses performance art in relation to theatre practice and examines how this art form is being corrupted with the proliferation of attention-grabbing works.
- Artist Aung Myint discusses the evolution of contemporary art practices in Myanmar.
- Aung Min, an art critic, offers a short history of performance art in Yangon, Myanmar.

In English with Burmese translation and vice versa.

Discs 4-6 (9 &10 Feb)
- Performances by Burmese artists: Nyein Chan Su, Fuck the World; Nyein Way, Weather; Aung Myint, Egoist; Ko Jeu, Ahmya—ahmya—du—wai—wai—; Aye Ko, Broking; Aung Pyae Sone, Hunger; Myat Kyawt, Ways of Destiny; Phyu Mon, Sixth Senses; Nyo Win Maung, Keep-clean; San Oo, Resumption; Than Htay Maung, On Job; Ko Z, Shade My Shape; Aung Ko, Cleaning.
- Theatre production Our Carrot by Rey Buono, Ruth Pongstaphone and participants of their acting and improvisation workshop (9 &10 Feb)
- Production by Theatre of the Disturbed (founded by Nyan Lin Htet), 10 Feb
- Interview with Mrat L. Htwann by Phoebe Wong and Dinh Q. Le at Liberty Hotel, Yangon on contemporary art practice and writing in Myanmar. Conducted in English on 10 Feb.
- Closing speech and performance by Stephane Dovert
- Interview with Nyan Lin Htet, Paris-based artist and organizer of the Festival, by Phoebe Wong at Liberty Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar on 12 Feb. Conducted in English.

Video by AAA: Phoebe Wong

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Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Performance Art, Yangon
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Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Performance Art, Yangon

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