This 10-disc series contains documentation of the following Fotanian 2010 events, seminars and artist talks:

Disk 1)
Opening, includes footage of the thematic exhibition 'If You Park Here', 16 Jan. (43:36)

Disk 2) 'Artist Village and City Gentrification', seminar with James Chu, Li Yusha and Leung Poshan, 16 Jan. (1:57:28)

Disk 3)
'Artist in Conversation: Sara Tse', hosted by Gum Cheng, 17 Jan. (1:07:39)

Disk 4) 'Artist in Conversation: Amy Cheung', hosted by Kurt Chan, 17 Jan. (1:04:26)

Disk 5) 'Cross-disciplinary Art/Artist?', seminar with Wen Yau, Justin Wong and Yeung Yang, 17 Jan. (1:28:05)

Disk 6) 'Artist in Conversation: Christopher Ku', hosted by Jeff Leung, 23 Jan. (38:32)

Disk 7 & 8) 'Artist in Conversation: Chow Chunfai', hosted by Kurt Chan, 23 Jan. (1:09:38)

Disk 9 & 10) 'Hong Kong Arts Industry: Where does the money come from?', seminar with Jaspar Lau, Janet Fong and Louis Yu, 24 Jan. (2:01:04)

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Fotanian Open Studios 2010, 伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃2010

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