'The book From a History of Exhibitions Towards a Future of Exhibition-Making: China and Southeast Asia is the result of ongoing assembly platforms with the same name, organised and initiated by Biljana Ciric and hosted by St Paul St Gallery AUT (2013), Rockbund Art Museum (2018), and Guangdong Times Museum (2019). The texts presented in this book are researched by different writers, curators, art practitioners in the region that revisit importance of exhibitions as a form and medium.

The contributions in this book explore how exhibitions can be read and understood across different social and cultural contexts, highlighting differences within the region, whilst also inviting new approaches and methodologies to pin-point areas for comparative forms of research. The book draws further awareness towards the specificity and diversity of practices found within Asia—thereby looking to contribute decisively towards a (re)mapping of exhibition practices and histories using the different perspectives and local contexts found in this region.' - from the back cover

Co-published by Rockbund Art Museum, Guangdong Times Museum, and St Paul St Gallery AUT.

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The Repetition of Anti-Hegemonic Modernity: Art as Measure


Inching towards a Fire: A Museum in Former Swiddens

- Maggie J. ZHENG, 鄭晉加

The Age of Manifestos: The Discursive Struggle between the 'New' and the 'Real' in Exhibitions

- SENG Yujin, 辛友仁

The Demands of Abstraction: Exhibiting the Non-Objective in Manila in 1953

- Patrick D. FLORES

Public Moments of Escape from Exhibition Rituals in China

- Biljana CIRIC

Possibilities of the Unofficial: An Interview with Ly Daravuth


From 'Women's Art' to All-Female Group Exhibitions: The Emergence of a Female Consciousness in 1990s China


Burn after Reading: The Transdualistic Resistance of Big Tail Elephants

- Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜

Waste, Noise, and Local Art Exhibitions

- YU Wei, 游崴

An Art Project in Archives: The Becoming, Displaying, Condition, Context, and Historical Situation in Relation to Chinese Experimental Art in the 1990s

- WANG Ziyun, 王子雲

An Exploration of METALLURGY: Khin One and the Changing Art Scene of Yangon in 1997

- Nathalie JOHNSTON

Exhibitionary Time: The Artist Village's TIME SHOW

- SENG Yujin, 辛友仁

Vaster World: Latitudes of Region, Dispersals of the Curatorial

- Carlos QUIJON, JR.

The Exhibition Problematic and the Asian Dislocal

- Patrick D. FLORES

Reimagining Futures in THE SKIN TRILOGY

- Eric GOH

The Burden(?) of Artistic Visibility in Vietnam Today: The Dilemma in Measuring Artistic and Curatorial Success by an 'Exhibition' History

- Zoe BUTT

A Curated Self: Histories and Mythologies under Cognitive Capitalism


The Negotiated Equilibrium: Curatorial Practices at China's State-Owned Art Institutions

- Yuling ZHONG, 鐘玉玲

Community at Large: ruangrupa and Gudskul's Recent Art Practices in China and Hong Kong

- Di LIU, 劉菂
From a History of Exhibitions Towards a Future of Exhibition-making: China and Southeast Asia
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From a History of Exhibitions Towards a Future of Exhibition-Making: China and Southeast Asia

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