This anthology is published on the occasion of Hong Kong artist/theatre director/cultural policy advocator Danny Yung's solo exhibition at the 1aspace, Hong Kong. 10 active local art practitioners have contributed to this anthology. "The dear ten contributors viewed Danny's visual art works, writings and questionnaires as creations at various distances, some going into the heart of the matter and some darting off with imaginative assoications and interpretations..." (from the book)
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Serial Thinking: The Infinity and Limits of Modernism - Extension from Danny Yung’s Memorandum of Rock - LAI Chiuhan Linda, 黎肖嫻
Re-reading Danny Yung’s The Deep Structure of Chinese Culture - CHAN Yukkeung Kurt, 陳育強
Deep Structure of Chinese Culture (Sister Version) - LEUNG Poshan Anthony, 梁寶山
Transplanting “Poisonous Grass” - ZHANG Yingchuan, 張穎川
Not Making a Star, But Configuring a Constellation: A Dialogue with Danny Yung’s Star System - LAM Honkin Andrew, 林漢堅
Six Paintings, Six Texts - LAM Kampo, 林錦波
How Did Video Circle Come About? - Ellen PAU, 鮑藹倫
Writing in-and-out-side the Frames: Dialogue with Danny Yung’s Writings - LAU Kinwah Jaspar, 劉建華
Questioning Danny Yung’s Questionnaires - SIU Kingchung, 蕭競聰
from close from afar: an anthology on Danny Yung
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from close from afar: an anthology on Danny Yung, 距離:拾話榮念曾

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