Disc 1 is a documentary (in Thai) of the experimental art project 'From (Different) Horizons of Rockshelter'. 

Disc 2 contains images taken during the exhibition. Writings produced on the occasion are also included.

The experimental art project 'From (Different) Horizons of Rockshelter' has brought together artists, art critics, and art scholars to archaeological sites and related areas in Thailand. The resulting works of art (by 9 artists, villagers and children of two local schools) were then exhibited in Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre and the National Gallery in Bangkok. According to Surakarn Thoesomboon, these works represented an interpretation of the experiences and interactions between the artists and the locals, without controlling or imposing any absolute meaning on the audience and participants. 

The archive hold 2 copies of Disc 1.

Exhibition catalogue available. (Location Code: EXS.THA.FHR)
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From (Different) Horizons of Rockshelter

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From (Different) Horizons of Rockshelter