'This publication explores the creative reuse of Kwun Tong industrial buildings by designers, artists and cultural workers. Industrial property prices have doubled in recent years due to problematic government policies regarding land use and "revitalization." The trend threatens a vibrant and wonderful community. Let's read closely on people who have already revitalized the factory area.' - from the front flap 

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序:過去·將來——現在 | Preface: Past and Future is Now

- MAK Hoisan Anson, 麥海珊

觀塘社區被連根改造之前傳 | Prequel Uprooting Community from Kwun Tong

- Cynthia YUEN, 袁小仙

 藝術家工作室 | Artists' Studios

寫於「窮」成為「工」之間—觀塘藝術村十年 | Relinking Poverty and Art: A Decade in Kwun Tong's Industrial Art Village

- WONG Chunkok Ahkok, 黃津珏

 藝術家工作室 | Artists' Studios

香港需要工厦 | Hong Kong Needs Factory Buildings

- MAK Hoisan Anson, 麥海珊

社區攝影工作坊學生作品 | Students' Works of the Community Photography Workshop

從認識、理解到介入—社區攝影工作坊的實踐 | Learning, Understanding, Intervening: A Reflection on the Practice of Community Photography Workshops

- NG Stanley Waicheong, 伍偉昌
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