In 2002, Yokohama City launched the 'Creative City Yokohama' projects to rejuvenate its inner-city area by promoting arts, cultural activities, and tourism. The projects focused on the conservation and use of historical buildings Yokohama has been known for. Published by BankART1929 in cooperation with Yokohama City, this book records the backgrounds and developments of the projects through various interviews and discussions with Yokohama city policy planners, administrators, art and urban design advisors, and art NPO workers who were involved with the projects. 
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Chapter headings
Chapter 1: Creative City Yokohama: Past and Future
1-1 Creative City Yokohama and BankART: Their Respective Beginnings
1-2 Yokohama Urban Design Office: Architects of the Creative City
The Yokohama Creative City of Art and Culture Map
Chapter 2: Challenges Facing the Creative City Yokohama
2-1 National Art Park Plan
2-2 has the Creative Neighbourhood Project Transformed Yokohama?
2-3 Yokohama Image Culture City
2-4 The Yokohama Triennalle Series: Three in a Row
2-5 Creative Cities Worldwide
Chapter 3: The Future of Creative City Yokohama
3-1 The Future of Creative City Yokohama
From the Past Into the Future: Creative City Yokohama
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From the Past Into the Future: Creative City Yokohama