This is the catalogue for Fung Ming Chip’s solo exhibition held at the Taipei Fine Art Museum in 1999. The exhibits cover Fung’s seal-carvings works, sculptures and calligraphy. There are also contributions from curators, art critics and historians on the characteristics and development of the art of Fung Ming Chip over the past three decades. Artist’s seals, artist’s biography and poems written by the artist are included in this catalogue.
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The Seals of Fung Ming-Chip (in English only)

- WANG Fangyu, 王方宇

價值轉換 -- 篆刻 (中文文章/in Chinese only)

- FUNG Mingchip, 馮明秋

A Tale Told by a Marionette of Words (in English only)

- FUNG Mingchip, 馮明秋

物象變易 -- 論馮明秋的藝術創作 (中文文章/in Chinese only)

- CHEN Chaoxing, 陳朝興

Time Space Reconstructed: Calligraphy (in English; Chinese and Japanese)

- FUNG Mingchip, 馮明秋

Fung Ming-Chip est un cas singulier (in French and Chinese)

- Jean Marc DECROP

時間脫軌筆脫韁 -- 小論馮明秋的書法 (中文文章/in Chinese only)

- LUO Qing, 羅青

Reading Writing (in English and Chinese)

- CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁

The Ideographic Art of Fung Ming-Chip (in English only)

- Robert C. MORGAN, 摩根羅伯特

Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition
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Fung Ming Chip Solo Exhibition, 馮明秋個展