This publication is produced in occasion with Hong Kong artist Leung Kuiting's solo exhibition organised by Hanart TZ Gallery in November and December 2014. 

Reviewing the artist's painting career ever since the 1960s to the present day, the exhibition and the catalogue contextualises Leung's practices within a wider historical development of Hong Kong art, in particular that of ink art and ink painting in light of the rise of new media art within the decades.

Includes a piece of writing by the artist himself, and a biography.
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Liang ju ting: qian yin hou guo wu shi nian

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The Changing Geometry of Landscape: The Shanshui Painting of Leung Kui Ting / 應時而化的山水 - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Interpreting Leung Kui Ting's Landscape Painting in the Digital Age / 在數碼年代閱讀梁巨廷的水墨山水 - Christina CHU, 朱錦鸞
My Path to Creativity: Causes and Effects / 我的創作歷程:前因後果 - LEUNG Kuiting, 梁巨廷
Geometry of the Spirit: 50 Years of Leung Kui Ting
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Geometry of the Spirit: 50 Years of Leung Kui Ting, 梁巨廷: 前因後果五十年

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