This CD-ROM contains images of the exhibits of the exhibition 'New World Order' of the Go China! series. The exhibition was held at Groninger Museum, 27 April - 9 November 2008.

'Modern and contemporary art as we know it in the West (with movements such as expressionism, abstract and conceptual art) could only develop in China from the late 1970s. This means that modern Chinese art is little more than 25 years old and is therefore the product of an unprecedented pressure-cooker effect, in which a whole miscellany of diverse and contradictory elements play a part - confusing and intriguing at one and the same time. The exhibition surveyed recent trends in contemporary Chinese art with a focus on installation art and staged photography. All these works were created after 2000, and some were specially commissioned by the Groninger Museum for this exhibition. The selection of works therefore provided an impression of the current diversity of working methods, guiding principles and artistic approaches.'  (
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Go China! New World Order: Contemporary Installation Art and Photography from China