This publication presents the research result of 'the Anthropocene Project' at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. 

In the Anthropocene era - a geological age of our own making, what understood to be nature is made by man. A new perspective is needed to look at the dynamics of a new epoch. These volumes offer writings that discuss the topic through the three approaches: grain, vapor and ray - the particulate, the volatile and the radiant. Each of the first three volumes is devoted to one of the three textures, in which contemporary writers respond to historical writings. The fourth volume serves as a guide to the project as a whole.

'Grain, vapor and ray are three mundane textures through which we (re)imagine Earth-shaping processes. As a thought exercise that bridges matter with matters, the three capture a composite image of material flows, energetic conversions, and human activities. In the situations emerging out of the metabolic dynamics between Humanity and Earth, at times invoked as "the Anthropocene," these three textures resonate everywhere transformation and perturbation are sounded: granular, vaporous, radiant. It is not possible to imagine one without sensing the rest, thus their entanglement weaves a continuous, flowing fabric informed by (our) histories of imagination. our variation that emerges out of such flux is this book.' - from book flap

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A Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects (1968) - Robert SMITHSON
Uncovering the Non-Site: Robert Smithson on Art, Layers, and Time - Sverker SORLIN
The Importance of Dust: A Source of Beauty and Essential to Life (1889) - Alfred Russel WALLACE
Think Small - Gloria MEYNEN
Trade-Wind Dust and Blood Rain (1844–49) - Christian Gottfried EHRENBERG
Change in the Air - Jan ZALASIEWICZ
On South-Swedish Peat Bogs (1916) - Lennart VON POST
The Seeds of Synchronicity - Geoffrey C. BOWKEY
Oxygen Isotopes in Nature and in the Laboratory (1948) - Harold Clayton UREY
Reconstructing the Methods for Reformatting Oxygen Isotopes in Nature and in the Laboratory as Oxygen Tops Nature Oratory for Optical Character Recognition Scanners - Kodwo ESHUN
The Process of Self-Reinforcement (1919) - Walter BEHRMANN
After Behrmann: Three Short Tales of Self-Reinforcement - Tim INGOLD
On the Nature of Things (1st century BCE) - Titus Lucretius CARUS
In-visible Inter-actions - Bettina VISMANN
D’Alembert’s Dream (1769) - Denis DIDEROT
Bees, Exhibitions, and the Anthropocene - Dorothea von HANTELMANN
The Aleph (1945) - Jorge Luis BORGES
Measuring Infinity - STRATAGRIDS
Principles of Dance and Movement Notation (1956) Kinetography. Labanotation (1928) - Rudolf VON LABAN
The Sphere - Cecelia WATSON
Kushim: Clay Tablet (c.3200 – 3000 BCE)
Learning from Kushim about the Origin of Writing and Farming - Jürgen RENN
John Maynard Keynes: Proposals for an International Clearing Union (1943) House of Lords Debates, May 18, 1943 - John Maynard KEYNES
The Bodélé Declaration - Adrian LAHOUD
Plastic (1957) - Roland BARTHES
The Accursed Share (1949) - Georges BATAILLE
Why were there tigers? - Etienne TURPIN
The Cares of a Family Man (1920) - Franz KAFKA
The Shapes of Odradek and the Edges of Perception - Jane BENNETT
Hippocrates: Breaths (5th century BCE)
Breathing In, Breathing Out - Elizabeth A. POVINELLI
Blood, Sea (1967) - Italo CALVINO
Blood, Waves - Stefan HELMREICH
On the Growth of Plants in Closely Glazed Cases (1842) - Nathaniel B. WARD
Stratoshield - Paulo TAVARES
Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur: The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor (1589–90)
The Fortress is Adjacent to the Mountains - Natasha GINWALA
US Strategic Bombing Survey: Integration of Germany’s Process Industries (1945)
Refinery and Catalysis - Benjamin STEININGER
Haber-Bosch Process (c.1909)
The Monsters - Bernd SCHERER
Machine Tools (1940) - Richard Buckminster FULLER
Ventilated Prose - Christina VAGT
Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning (1973) - Horst W. J. RITTEL, Melvin M. WEBBER
Working well with Wickedness - John LAW
The Steady State and Ecological Salvation: A Thermodynamic Analysis (1977) - Nicholas GEORGESCU-ROEGEN
Securing the Planetary Boundaries - Elmar ALTVATER
On Thomas Bayes: Essay Towards Solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances (1763) - Richard PRICE
The Fabulous Five - Armin HAAS
Letter to Arrhenius (1902) - Ludwig BOLTZMANN
Please Be Probable, Darling - Dietmar DATH
Mercury: or, the Secret and Swift Messenger (1641) - John WILKINS
Invisible Ark: John Wilkins, from Mercury to Real Character - John TRESCH
On Physical Lines of Force (1861–62) - James Clerk MAXWELL
+91 80 6771 0794 - Goldin+Senneby, Jo ANDERSON
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884) - Edwin Abbott ABBOTT
The Restless Sky - Margarida MENDES
Ethics (1677) - Baruch SPINOZA
Reflections on Spinoza’s Ethics, Part II, Prop. 11–13 - Akeel BILGRAMI
Awareness through Movement, Lesson 11 (1972) - Moshé FELDERNKRAIS
Rehearsal Habit - Torsten BLUME
Method of Producing Animated Motion Pictures (1948) - Douglas CROCKWELL
Grey Matter and Colored Wax - Flora LYSEN
Seminar III: The Psychoses (1957) - Jacques LACAN
Forced Desynchrony - Josh BERSON
Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham: The Optics (1011–21)
Bardo Thodol (8th century CE)
Liberation Through Hearing in the Planetary Transition: Funerary Practices in Twenty-Second-Century Mangalayana Buddhism - Bronislaw SZERSZYNSKI
Theory of Pictorial Formation (1921) Pedagogical Sketchbook (1925) - Paul KLEE
Variations on Klee’s Cosmographic Method - Erich HORL
The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things (1962) - George KUBLER
George Kubler and the Second Hand - Molly NESBIT
On the Energy Balance of the Earth (1885) - Heinrich HERTZ
Like an Eternal Eighth Day - Ayreen ANASTAS, Rene GABRI
The Energetic Imperative (1912) - Wilhelm OSTWALD
The Anthropocene: A Process-State on the Edge of Geohistory? - Peter SLOTERDIJK
Gravity’s Rainbow (1973) - Thomas PYNCHON
Pynchon and Electro-Mysticism - Friedrich KITTLER
Information, Physics, Quantum: The Search for Links (1990) - John Archibald WHEELER
The Wheeler Refractions: Science Fiction, Science Faction, Parlor Games, Physics, Rap, It, the Bit, and the Real - Dorion SAGAN
Mundus Subterraneus (1664) - Athanasius KIRCHER
Matter and Information - Michel SERRES
MUD: All worlds, all times!
Grain Vapor Ray
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The Anthropocene Project 2013/2014 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Grain Vapor Ray: Textures of the Anthropocene
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Grain Vapor Ray: Textures of the Anthropocene