Based mainly on Guan Huaibin's solo exhibition under the same title which was held in 2008 at True Color Museum, this publication also includes some of the artist's recent works.

Guan employs heavy materials in his installations, such as iron, steel, and stone to represent the permanence in things versus the transience of our lives. His exhibition harks back to old Chinese gardens, and this has long been a theme he has used.  For example, the old Chinese wood door is a recurring item in his installations even from the 1990s, representing a gateway into imaginary courtyards that he creates.

Also recurring in Guan's installations is the wooden boat, which he thinks reflects the amalgamation of different cultures due to the object being a traveling vessel. Along the same theme of vessels, this exhibition and earlier works employ vacuum liner flasks floating in the air or resting on the ground of the garden installations.  This exhibition is a 'non-logical narrative forking time and space', says the artist.

Includes artist biography and interview, and list of artist's writings.
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Guan huai bin: guo yuan

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Boat Garden for the Rovers - A Preface to Guan Huaibin's The Garden of Forking Paths / 漂泊者的舟園-序管懷賓《過·園》 畫冊 - XU Jiang, 許江
Object-Image & Emotion-Context in Installation Art - A Dialogue on The Garden of Forking Paths / 裝置中的物·象與情·境-關於《過 · 園》 的對話 - GAO Shiming, 高士明
Discovering the World in This Way - Guan Huaibin's Experimental Work / 如何發現世界-管懷賓的實驗性工作 - Shigeo CHIBA, 千葉成夫
Paths in The Garden of Forking Paths/ “過·園”之徑 - GUAN Huaibin, 管懷賓
Sending My Regards to the Garden of Soul - From Guan Huaibin's The Garden of Forking Paths / 寄意心園-從管懷賓“過·園”說起 - SUN Shanchun, 孫善春
A New Utopia / 新的桃源鄉 - Taro AMANO, 天野太郎
Guan Huaibin: The Search for Being / 管懷賓:尋找存在 - Megan C. MCSHANE
Guan Huaibin: The Garden of Forking Paths
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Guan Huaibin: The Garden of Forking Paths, 管懷賓: 過 · 園