'Guangzhou Live 2010' was an international action art event held from 9 to 14 December 2010 at 53 Art Museum and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou. This is a video recording of a selection of performances that took place from 11 to 13 December.

Disc 1
11 December 2010

John Court - ArtTra
Bill Drummond - Making a Bed
Xiao Maizi - Untitled
Alastair MacLennan - AT ATE
Joakim Stampe - Untitled
Nadia Capitaine - Untitled
Sylvette Babin - Untitled
He Chengyao - Untitled

12 December 2010
Mari Novotny-Jones - Untitled
Bill Drummond - Making a Bed
Kurt Johannessen - Untitled
Nadia Capitaine - Untitled
Tran Luong - Welts
Boris Nieslony - Koan, Daily Life Plot 
Sylvette Babin - Untitled
Willem Wilhelmus - Untitled
Peter Baren - ARK
Bill Drummond - Making a Bed

Disc 2
13 December 2010

Barbara Sturm - For Skulo
Loic Connanski - My Organic Time
Joakim Stampe - Untitled
wen yau - TengSeWong/Voice-Writer Series Let's speak Cantonese (my █████ statement)

Video by AAA: Janet Chan, Lam Ho

Please note that only Asian artists are listed below.

More documentations of the Event are found at Guangzhou LIVE's online archive at http://guangzhoulive.org/archive.html
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Guangzhou Live 2010
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Guangzhou Live 2010