This is the catalogue of one of the four projects organised for the Gwangju Biennale 2002: Project 4: Connection. Published after the Biennale opened, this book not only serves as a documentation of the exhibition, but also an attempt to expand the range of discussion on the disused railway whose destiny is in a state of suspension and whose function in uncertainty.

Included in the catalogue are artist biographies, and a Journal of Events which is a record of discussions by citizen groups and city authority on the issue of the utilization of the disused railway, as well as a record of important issues on the planning of Project 4.

Other participating artists included: Adriaan Gueze, Alejandro Zaera Polo, Olga Tarraso
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Suggestion1: Exhibitions
For a New Beginning: What is the Dream of Connection?

- SUNG Wankyung, 성완경

Modern Heritage, a Terrain of the Question

- CHUNG Guyon, 정기용

Architect is a Guerilla Resident in the System: Jongho Yi, Architect of Project4 Exhibition

- YI Jeongheah, 이정혜

A Year of Hope for Connection, Now with Stronger Voice

- KIM Byungkee, 김병기

Suggestion2: Issues
The Mutation of Industrial City Infrastructure into the Everyday Infrastructure

- MIN Hyunsik

The Contemporary City and the Creation of Public Spaces (in Korean only)

- LEE Sanghun

The Invisible Path (in Korean only)

- SEUNG Hyosang, 승효상

The Disused Railway and the Ecological Revival of Gwangju (in Korean only)

- HONG Seongtae, 홍성태

Making the Disused Railway into the Green Way: a Life Community with Civic Participation (in Korean only)

- LIM Nakpyung, 임낙평

Every Green Is Not The Same (in Korean only)

- LEE Jyongseuk

Suggestion3: Reports
The Land of Reunion and Communication (in Korean Only)

- JOH Sungyong, 조성용

Sansu-dong Story (in Korean only)

- YI Jeongheah, 이정혜

Recycle of the 'Do-It-Yourself' Landscape

- Laurent GUTIERREZ, 古儒郎, PORTEFAIX Valerie, 林海華

A Collector of the Places (in Korean only)

- KIM Jaekyeong, 김재경

Gwangju Biennale 2002 - Project 4: Connection
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Gwangju Biennale 2002 - Project 4: Connection