This catalogue is published to accompany the joint exhibition 'Hermes Foundation Missulsang 2012', featuring works by the three finalists of the award including Donghee Koo, Mikyung Lee and Jackson Hong. Colour plates of works and biographies of artists and contributors are provided.

Please note a corresponding exhibition guide is also available in the library with location code: EXS.KOR.HKM.2012

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Outsmarting Reality: Donghee Koo's Bastard Aesthetics / 현실과 겨루는 잡것 미학: 구동희

- Sulki & Min


Donghee Koo–How One Feels is Important. In Order to Revolve / 구동희–기분이 중요하다 회전하기 위해선

- HYUN Seewon, 현시원


Mikyung Lee: The Affairs of Everyday Living / 이미경의 일상다반사

- KIM Hyoungmi, 김형미


The World Nobody Could See / 아무도 볼수 없는 세계

- Jaa KIM, 김재아


New Town / 뉴타운

- Haneol LEE, 이한얼


The Virtue of Blind Writing / 눈 먼 글 쓰기

- LEE Youngjune, 이영준


What Meaning Does Art Have in a Divided Country as Korea? / 분단국가 대한민국에서 예술은 무엇을 뜻하는 것일까? 

- RYU Byounghak


Contemplating on McLuhan and Nam June Paik... / 맥루한과 백남준을 생각하며

- KIM Yongik, 김용익


"""Autonomy""" Secured by Multiple Quotation Marks: Jackson Hong and His Work / 여러 겹의 따옴표로 확보하는'''자율성''': 잭슨홍

- Sulki & Min


The One and Only Survivor, a Strange Survival / 기이하게 살아 남은 유일무이한 생존자

- KIM Jaeseok, 김재석
Hermes Foundation Missulsang 2012
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