'Over ten years have gone by since the Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook was launched in 2000. Bilingual in Chinese and English, it is the most comprehensive annalistic toolbook for Hong Kong Visual Arts, with the aid of photos.

The Yearbook is composed of two sections, "Essays" and "Chronicles"; the former is made up of essays by academic experts who draw comprehensive commentaries while focusing on selective local visual arts events; while the latter gathers and catalogues all types of visual arts events of the year. One is subjective observation and analysis on a broad scope, while the other is microscopic listing of objective data; both are interdependent on as well as complementary to each other.' (Front Flap)

'於2000年初次出版,至今已逾十載。中英文雙語印行,圖文並茂。為迄今最全面的香港視覺藝術編年工具書。 分為「專題論述」和「視藝記事」兩大部分,編集全年本地藝術家於本地及海外的視藝活動,並結合學者專家的分析論文:一為宏觀主觀的觀察陳述;一為微觀客觀的數據縷述,兩者互相依存,互為補充。' (摘錄自書皮瓣)
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Hong Kong Arts Development Council - Yearbook Series | 香港藝術發展局 - 年鑑系列 | xiang gang shi jue yi shu nian jian 2013

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Essays | 專題論述
In the Name of Ink: the Discourse of Ink Art | 因墨之名—水墨藝術的論述 - CHAN Pui Pedith, 陳蓓
A Dialog with Hong Kong Arts: 1842-1960 | 與香港藝術對話 1842-1960 - LAI Minghoi Victor, 黎明海
Clerical Script of the Han Dynasty as the Foundation of a Convergence of the Stele and Model-book Studies: The Calligraphy of Han Yunshan | 漢隸為本、碑帖兼融—韓雲山的書法藝術 - LAU Chakkwong, 劉澤光
Art Education Following the Implementation of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum | 新高中學制啟動後的藝術教育 - LEUNG Kevin Sungyum, 梁崇任
Hong Kong Public Sculpture and the Cityscape | 香港公共雕塑與城市景觀 - HO Siukee, 何兆基
Meeting Warhol in the Exhibition: Visitors' Experience with Art in the Hong Kong Museum of Art - TING Wingyan Vivian, 丁穎茵, HO Chuifan Selina, 何翠芬
Assessing Influence: Art, Auctions and Audiences in Hong Kong | 日益增加的影響:香港的藝術、拍賣及觀眾 - Emma WATTS, 屈艾瑪
Art Writing and its Circulation: Three Moments in Hong Kong | 藝術書寫及其流播:香港三個時刻 - Michelle WONG, 黃湲婷
Chronicles: Public Issues | 視藝記事:公眾議題
City Branding and Public Art | 城市品牌及公共藝術
West Kowloon Cultural District | 西九文化區
2013 Nomination of Representatives of Art Interests for the Hong Kong Arts Developement Council | 2013藝發局藝術範疇代表推選活動
Art Space and the Community | 藝術空間與社區關連
Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2013
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Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2013, 香港視覺藝術年鑑 2013

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