This publication presents a selection of paintings by Lucia Cheung, featuring in particular the artist’s image of her home city, Hong Kong. In these works, one finds the modern cityscapes of Hong Kong amidst backgrounds and landmarks that suggest China’s past, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the traditional landscape paintings. As one critic has aptly put, these paintings are ‘visual articulation of modern life embedded in a traditional mosaic’. These can also be seen as the artist’s unwillingness to forsake China’s cultural past, the roots of Hong Kong people. A brief biography of the artist is provided.

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Artifice of the Heart

- Eric Otto WEAR, 華立強

Early Summer Days of 97

- CHEUNG Ngayin Lucia, 張雅燕

Hong Kong: Works by Lucia N.Y. Cheung
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Hong Kong: Works by Lucia N.Y. Cheung, 我城: 張雅燕畫選