Published to accompany Huang Ming-Chang's solo exhibition, 'A Field in the Heart' at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, March to June, 2012. 

'The artist Huang Ming-Chang was born in the Ruisui township of Hualian county and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Chinese Culture University. In 1977, he entered Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris to pursue advanced studies. In 1985, he returned to Taiwan and settled down in the Xindian district of Taipei where he has remained until now - continuing to work hard to "cultivate" for the painting community of Taiwan. His use of marten brushes to portray in fine detail the green waves of rice plants is highly praised. During his early period of studying art in France, he used cool colours to deal with the tranquillity of every corner of the interior of his residence in Paris; his scrutiny and dedication to the minute details of things began to emerge then. After his return to Taiwan, he fully embraced his love of the natural beauty of Taiwan. He transformed the training in the solid traditional technique of European painting to take a natural scene and make it into an object of reverent exploration. He unleashed his true feelings about the sea, flowers, and the green rice fields through his paintings. This exhibition is not only the first complete review of the works of Huang Ming-Chang in this museum; it is also his most significant solo exhibition in the past 20 years. This exhibition will feature the much loved series Gazing Out, Paddyfield, and  Gazing at the Sea. It will also feature works from his period of study in Paris as well as rarely seen early works from before his trip to France. Through the dedicated brush strokes seen from inside and out of Huang Ming-Chang's works as well as the warm air and passionate highlights and shadows preserved in the canvas, this exhibition presents the purest energy that art posses.' (from Taipei Fine Arts Museum)

'藝術家黃銘昌生於花蓮瑞穗,畢業於中國文化大學美術系,1977年進入國立高等巴黎美術學院深造,1985年返台落腳於臺北新店至今,持續不斷為臺灣畫壇努力'耕耘'。以貂毛筆細密描繪綠色稻浪而深受贊揚的他,早年在法國習藝,以清冷色調處理巴黎住處室內各角落的靜謐,對物件的細膩鑽研與執著早已展開。回臺後,盡情懷抱對臺灣自然的熱愛,轉化歐洲繪畫紮實傳統技法的訓練,將自然風光作為虔心探索的對象,對海、對花、對湖水與綠色稻浪,藉由繪畫,釋放真摯情感。本次展覽不僅是藝術家黃銘昌首度於本館的完整創作回顧,更是他個人睽違20年的大型個展。此次將集合深受各界喜愛的遠眺水稻田海看系列,也將呈現其於巴黎習藝時期少為所見的早期創作。本展將藉由黃銘昌作品由內而外的執著筆觸,及其保留於畫布中的溫暖空氣與熱情光影,展現藝術最純粹的生命力度。' (錄自臺北市立美術館
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A Field in the Heart - Solo Exhibition by Huang Ming-Chang

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Wordless Poetry/ 畫成無言詩

- SHI Song, 奚淞

Elaboration of a Fixed Gaze/ 凝視的鋪陳

- HSIAO Chongray, 蕭瓊瑞

In Pursuit of Plentiful Perfection/ 追求豐饒的完美

- WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥

Bountiful Sea/ 豐饒之海

- PAI Hsienyung, 白先勇

From 'it' to 'him' to 'Him'/ 從它到他到祂

- WEI Tientsung, 尉天聰

The Murmur of the Paddies/ 稻田在說什麼?

- Chunming HUANG, 黃春明

Even the Yellow Flowers Are Blooming/ 看黃花都放了

- ZHANG Yihe, 章詒和

Huang Ming-Chang: A Field in the Heart
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Huang Ming-Chang: A Field in the Heart, 黃銘昌: 一方心田