The present catalogue was published on the occasion of two solo exhibitions by Huang Rui, 'One Country Two Systems Remains Unchanged for 50 Years' at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong and 'Chairman Mao 10 000 Yuan' at Chinese Contemporary Beijing. One Country Two Systems is an installation that invites viewers to pause on the famous slogan that defines relations between Hong Kong and China. A thousand everyday consumer products such as foodstuffs and drinks are placed on 50 shelves, each one bearing the label 'One Country Two Systems Remains Unchanged for 50 Years'. This installation plays upon the slogan's scope and meaning, the symbolism of numbers, mass consumption, and above all, humour. In Chairman Mao 10 000 Yuan, the slogan 'Long Life to Chairman Mao' appears on bank notes bearing Mao's portrait and totaling 10,000 RMB. The piece represents on one hand the all-powerful market that is making China a great world power, on the other, communist China, dominated by the figure of Mao.

Featured in the catalogue are works produced by the artist from 1992-2006. Artist biography is provided.
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Huang rui mao ze dong xuan ji di liu juan

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Growing Bamboo on the Eaves, Planting Bamboo Upside-Down - Huang Rui's Attitude and Approach - FENG Boyi, 馮博一
The Power of Persistance - Youichi MAKI
Text Games of Huang Rui - Bérénice ANGREMY, 黎靜
Chairman Mao 10,000 RMB - TANG Lingyun, 湯凌雲
The Art and Spirit of Huang Rui
Huang Rui: Collected Works of Mao Zedong, Volume Six
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Huang Rui: Collected Works of Mao Zedong, Volume Six, 黃銳: 毛澤東選集, 第六卷

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