This volume is the catalogue for Hugo Boss Asia Art, an art award co-presented by Hugo Boss and Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai. This inaugural 2013 edition of Hugo Boss Asia Art is dedicated to the emerging artists from the Greater China, including the PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. While the prize embraces Asia as a multitude of sites to activate and analyse in relation to the its ongoing transformations in the post-global era, the seven artists shortlisted, in each of their own way and context, express their specificities into a strong visual experience which make their works relevant to the art award.

The group exhibition takes place at Rockbund Art Museum from September to December 2013.

The boxset contains several booklets, each of them devoted to one of the final seven artists. Within each book an essay is provided to narrate the respective artist's works, and a biography is attached as well.

Includes notes on members of jury.
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Hugo Boss ya zhou yi shu da jiang: zhong guo xin rui yi shu jia

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Introduction / 概述 - Larys FROGIER
To the Limits of the Cosmos and Insurmountable Heights / 精鶩八極,心游萬仞 - WANG Jun, 王峻
Abandoned at the Borders: An Epic / 遺落邊境的史詩 - CHEN Taisong, 陳泰松
As Viewers of Hu Xianqian / 作為胡向前的觀眾 - GUO Juan, 郭娟
The Evolution of Everyday Life / 日常生活的革命 - Ella LIAO, 廖薇
Still Talking about Whatever Limits of Art here is Really Lame / 在這裡,我們還在討論什麼藝術的邊界就太奧特了 - WANG Yong, 王勇
Li Wei / 黎薇 - Bernard VIZTA
Lee Kit: Adjourning to Solitary Pleasure / 李傑:歲時闊會英耆社 - Robin PECKHAM, 岳鴻飛
Hugo Boss Asia Art: Award for Emerging Chinese Artists 2013
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Hugo Boss Asia Art: Award for Emerging Chinese Artists 2013, Hugo Boss亞洲藝術大獎-中國新銳藝術家

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