The catalogue accompanies Chang Jia's 6th solo exhibition, titled 'I Confess' held at Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul in July. 'I Confess' presents Chang's variety of works from 2009 to 2011, bringing the viewers into the historical scenes of torture related to either social security systems or religious reasons.

'[...] the works are not mere reproduction of the scenes from the history. All the pieces are a bit distorted from the reality. [...] Some works are visually stimulating and unnecessarily beautiful while others requires complicated procedures to die,' states the artist.

Lee Yeowoon, curator of Total museum, suggests that, '[t]his exhibition is organized to look into the inner side of our lives through the process of finding our existences and experiences of the sublime. With an expression of an individual's desire rather than pain, we look for the aesthetic in the way of delivering anxiety and pain. As Kant refers, this is an extremely personal experience that is developed to the sublime by an emotionally negative experience. [...] The viewers will feel an artistic impression through beautifully designed torture tools and aesthetical torture methods.'

The book includes images of the exhibits, the exhibition view and the work process. Artist biography also included.
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CHANG, Jia - Recommendation by Yang Jeong Mu (Art Critic)

- YANG Jeongmu

I Confess

- LEE Eunju, 이은주

Agonistic Aesthetic: CHANG, Jia

- Jason WAITE

Artist Statement

- CHANG Jia, 장지아


- LEE Yeowoon

I Confess: Chang, Jia
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I Confess: Chang, Jia