The Kuandu Biennale 2008 served as the premiere program of the year's Kuandu Art Festival, and was the first biennial exhibition to be held at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. A consulting committee made up of prominent local curators and scholars selected ten artists, who then collaborated with a curator or critic of their choice to organize their own solo exhibitions. The artists presented an array of varying observations and interpretations of the theme "Dream" concerning Asian society. The biennale envisaged fulfilling the artists’ dreams to the maximum limit through their works, which can be an experiment of dreams, a window of sub-consciousness, a fantasy of body and soul, a rhapsody by artists, a loss of memories, or even a supernatural interpretation of dreams. This catalogue includes essays by the curators and artist biographies.

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10 Solos by 10 Asian Artists | 我有一個夢: 2008 關渡雙年展 | wo you yi ge meng 2008 guan du shuang nian zhan

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Between Worlds: Donna Ong

- Suenne Megan TAN

Life, Animals and Children: The Recent Themes of Fang Lijun's Works

- WANG Minan, 汪民安

The Sculpture of Minimal, Surreal


The Many Acrobatic Tenses that Roam in Dreams

- CHANG Lihao, 張禮豪

The Solitude and Freedom of a Runner

- Shihoko IIDA, 飯田志保子

Contemporary Art and Thainess

- Prabda YOON, ปราบดา หยุ่น

Pyuupiru: Snow White Roused from a Dream

- Eriko KIMURA, 木村絵理子

From 'Utopia' to 'Dream': The Dream of Shi Jin-Hua's 'Relative Measurement'

- CHEN Hunghsing, 陳宏星

A Shadow in Search of a Body


Contemporary Art of Asia in the 21st Century

- SUH Jinsuk, 서진석

I Have a Dream: 2008 Kuandu Biennale
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I Have a Dream: 2008 Kuandu Biennale, 夢: 2008 關渡雙年展