Zhang Hongtu is a New York-based Chinese artist who is internationally acclaimed for his post-modern images of Mao Zedong. Working within the framework of cross-cultural experiments, Zhang's Mao, Christine's Catalogue Pages, Repainting Chinese Shanshuihua, and Flying Blues series are featured in this exhibition. "With a lyrical tone and a playful dexterity, Zhang Hongtu draws you into an artistic realm where the familiar fades out of focus to reveal layers of unexpected meanings. His experience with traditional Chinese culture, the conditions of communism, and immigrant life in America, lends an imaginary and distinctive insight into the cultural conventions inherent in both Chinese and Western art. The works assembled for this exhibition place icons of Chinese and Western art into a unique dialogue that brings into question the very definition of artistic categories," curator Morgan Perkins says.

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The Supple Vision of Zhang Hongtu

- Morgan PERKINS

Icons and Innovations: The Cross-Cultural Art of Zhang Hongtu
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Icons and Innovations: The Cross-Cultural Art of Zhang Hongtu