This is a compilation of essays and clippings written on, and interviews with Japanese artist Keiichi Ikemizu. It chronicles his voyage in contemporary art from 1964-2004.

A few essays are provided in both Japanese and English, the titles of which are listed in 'Chapter Headings'. Artist biography and most of the other clippings and interviews included in this publication are provided in Japanese only.

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artist monograph

Chapter headings
An Elephant's Window: Keiichi Ikemizu as seen in the context of the 1960s

- Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児

Think Blue: Keiichi Ikemizu, the artist who thinks blue and lives blue

- Makoto OTAGAKI, 太田垣實

A reflection on four decades of Keiichi Ikemizu and the play

- Ichiro HARIU, 針生一郎

Ikemizu! 1964-2004
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Ikemizu! 1964-2004