1 slide:Unwilling to Part from Ths Worldiy Life 1997; mixed media; 160x220cm

1 slide:Dream of Past Era IV 1997; mixed media; 210x168cm

1 slide:Sea of Desire 1997; mixed media; 133x185cm

1 slide: Dream of Past Era III 1997; mixed media; 160x220cm

1 slide: So Long America I 1996; mixed media; 100x160cm

1 slide: So Long America II 1996; mixed media; 160x190cm

1 slide: Home Sweet Home 1996; mixed media; 170x230cm

1 slide: Balcony Dream 1994; mixed media; 200x160cm

1 slide: Dream of Past Era II 1995; mixed media; 220x180cm

1 slide: Dream of Past Era I 1994; mixed media; 120x80cm

1 slide: On the Damage to “Spring and Autumn” 1993; mixed media; 190x160cm

4 slides: Wounded Funeral I-IV 1994; mixed media; 192x130cm

1 slide: The Rule of Deng Xiaoping 1990; oil on canvas; 310x360cm

1 slide: The Rule of Mao Zedong 1990; oil on canvas; 310x400cm

1 slide: The Rule of Chiang Kai-shek 1990; oil on canvas; 310x340cm

1 slide: Homage to the Unkown Hero (Commemorating the 2.28 Incident) 1992; oil on canvas; 170x340cm

1 slide: About the Dark Green Hurt 1989; oil on canvas; 200x480cm

1 slide: I’m from the Nether World I 1984; oil on canvas; 240x360cm

1 slide: Injury of Taiwan 1988; oil on canvas; 130x160cm

9 slides of exhibition Four Era 1991

1 slide: Artist studio

1 slide: (untitled)
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Individual File: WU Tienchang (Slides), 文化/藝術工作者檔案: 吳天章 (幻燈片)