This book features works produced between 1985 and 2006 by Chinese artist Nan Qi. With artist biography.
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mo dian se dian nan xi zuo pin ji

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Chapter headings
The Simulant Ways of Drawing - LU Pintian, 呂品田
A Dialogue With Nan Qi by Xu Peijun
Ink Dot - Pink Spot - The Enticing Nature of Nan Qi's Work - Michael HATCH
Sensibilities and Temperaments of the microcosmic - The Ink Dot World of Nanqi - JIA Fangzhou, 賈方舟
Reactions to Nanqi's Recent Ink Paintings - TIAN Liming, 田黎明
Contemporary Ink and Wash Discussion - NAN Xi, 南溪
Plight of the Tiger and Man's Self-Reflection - The Tiger Paintings of Nan Qi - JIA Fangzhou, 賈方舟
The Peach Blossom Garden - In Search of Shangri-la - NAN Xi, 南溪
The Weights that Connect the Vast Cosmos - Looking at Nan Qi's Landscapes - YIN Shuangxi, 殷雙喜
Nan Qi - WU Yi, 武藝
Nan Qi's Landscapes - LIU Dawei, 劉大為
Alternating between City and Country - NAN Xi, 南溪
Urban and Rural Feelings Series - NAN Xi, 南溪
My Father - NAN Xi, 南溪
Pure Beauty - Impressions of Lv Caiqin - LU Guang, 魯光
Ink Dots and Pink Spots: A Collection of Works by Nan Qi
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Ink Dots and Pink Spots: A Collection of Works by Nan Qi, 墨點色點‧南溪作品集