'Institution for the Future is an archive of ideas bringing together reflections by artists, curators and other cultural workers on what an institution for the future should and needs to look like.

Through pondering what an institution for the future might look like the contributors explore a rich array of questions including what the relationship between an institution and artists should be, the possibilities for institutions and activism, an institution's frame of reference and how should it connect to local and international contexts, the role of an institution in research and knowledge production, an institutions relationship to the temporal as well as spatial and an institution as a way of being.

Contributions include drawings, critical texts, informal correspondence, found text, hypothetical proposals, interviews and diagrammatic explorations...' - excerpt from the back cover

Includes a timeline drawn from reference points in the texts included in the book. With contributors' and editors' biographies.

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(untitled) - Tino SEHGAL
Institution for the Future - Dorothea von HANTELMANN
The Institution for the Future - João RIBAS
3 Proposals for an Art Center Taipei - Jun YANG, 楊俊
Mental and physical artistic space as a speculative proposal of utopian structures for the future - Third Belgrade
Keeping it Real: Art, Activism and the 'East Asia Multitude' - Elaine W. HO, 何穎雅
(untitled) - Keren CYTTER
Museum and Me - LIU Ding, 劉鼎
Future Perfect - Jens HOFFMANN
Institution of Dream - Vandy RATTANA
The New Mechanics - Alistair HUDSON
If You Don't Need To, You Don't Have To - Ade DARMAWAN, ruangrupa
(untitled) - Roslisham ISMAIL
Institution for the Future - Sam BOWER
Institution for the Future - Nikita Yingqian CAI, 蔡影茜
Wounds, Nerves and Other Unnamables - LEE Honghwee Michael, 李鴻輝
An Issue of Organisation: Chto Delat? - Dmitry VILENSKY, Gerald RAUNIG
Toward a Certain Smallness - Richard STREITMATTER-TRAN
Institutional Thoughts To be Sung with Feeling - Monika SZEWCZYK
Institutions for the Future: Chiefs, Prophets, Warriors, Enemies and Allies - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Southeast Asian Social Historical Events - Yujin SENG
Institution for the Future
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Institution for the Future

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