Saigon Open City (SOC) Company is a non-profit cultural organization with the mission to foster the social and cultural life of Ho Chi Minh City through events and projects in the visual and performing arts.

Organized by SOC, 'Liberation' is the first chapter of Open City exhibitions. It focuses on social reality portrayed through the daily life of Vietnamese people during the Liberation period, as well as the contextual influences which it had on the greater scheme of life on a global scale.

Open City starts with art works produced by Vietnamese artists – the product of Indochina School of Art, the ‘Resistance Class’, Vietnam Diasporas, while in the same moment the exhibition also focuses on the conditions of artistic practices both in the neighboring region as well as on an international level. This chapter of the exhibition is intended to contextualize how society as a whole and its conditions is addressed by artistic practices, and how the theme of Liberation has resonated from a local daily condition into a global effect. The artists and their works are presented in juxtaposition and contrasts with each other, whereby giving the audience an opportunity to visualize for themselves how different artistic methods and approaches are able to mediate or negotiate and reflect the conditions in society.

Images of works in the present catalogue are accompanied by artist biographies.

This publication is a post-event catalogue. Please note only Asian artists or those residing in Asia are listed below.
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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art: Chapter 1 LIBERATION
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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art: Chapter 1 LIBERATION

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