Interview with Choi Yanchi by Leung Chiwo Warren

At the beginning of the first recording, artist Choi Yanchi recounts in detail how she followed Kwok Chiuleung and Lui Shoukwan to different schools, so she could be under their tutelage in the early days (00:00–26:16). She then discusses the differences between studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design and studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (26:16–34:07), and how they were subsequently manifested in the way she practiced, explored, and thought about art (34:07–40:50). She also talks about the limitations for a Hong Kong artist to develop in the United States (40:50–44:48). After Choi returned to Hong Kong in 1980, she met a lot of performance and theatrical artists. As she was able to draw inspirations from them, these disparate elements continued to influence her, and therefore she created works in a sustained manner in environmental art, installation, and cross-media fields (44:48–1:00:56). Later, the June Fourth incident led Choi to turn to expressing personal emotions as well as concerns about society and politics through art, instead of elaborating purely on art themes for which her works used to be known. The change directly influenced the choice of materials and the performativity of her works (1:00:56–1:18:50). Choi comments further on the importance of the settings and the colours deployed in the exhibition space, as these factors exert great influence on the art works. She criticises how Hong Kong exhibition spaces come up short in this area (1:18:50–1:32:56).


第一段錄音訪問開首,藝術家蔡仞姿詳述早期在香港不同院校跟隨郭樵亮及呂壽琨等人學藝及工作的經歷 (00:00-26:16)。其後分析在哥倫布藝術與設計學院及芝加哥藝術學院兩校學習的不同之處 (26:16-34:07),和其間對創作道路的思考身與探索 (34:07-40:50);也談及香港藝術家在美國發展的限制 (40:50-44:48)。蔡氏在1980年回港後認識很多從事行為藝術及劇場的藝術家,因而深受各種元素的啟發,繼而持續進行環境藝術和裝置等各種跨媒界創作 (44:48-1:00:56)。後來「六四事件」觸發蔡氏從純藝術的主題轉向個人情感宣涉及社會政治的關注,並直接影響她對創作物料的選擇及其作品的表現性 (1:00:56-1:18:50)。蔡氏繼而闡析展覽空間的設色和佈置對作品的重要性,批評香港展覽空間在這方面的不足 (1:18:50-1:32:56)。

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Interview with Choi Yanchi, 11 November 1998 (Part 1), 訪問蔡仞姿,一九九八年十一月十一日(第一部份)