Interview with Leung Meeping by Leung Chiwo Warren

At the beginning of the interview, artist Leung Meeping talks about her experience between 1983 and 1993, during which she studied art in Paris (00:00–11:17). As she witnessed the passing of a friend during her sojourn in Paris, Leung started to project her emotions onto objects. This experience inspired her, she says, to work with mixed media, and her subsequent focus on the choice of materials in her artworks (17:39–22:40). In the interview, Leung also compares the style of her works during her time in France to the period after her return to Hong Kong in 1994. While she was in France, her works were mostly about personal emotions, whereas her works created in Hong Kong reflected social issues that are objectively situated (22:40–29:27). Leung also discusses how she turns materials into ideas when she works, and explains what she looks for in materials and the selection process (29:27–45:30). In the middle part of the interview, Leung states the importance of exploring with materials and techniques in the creative process, using the process of making her 2001 installation piece So Near Yet So Far (45:32–56:00) as an example. In the last part of the interview, Leung Meeping shares some recent thoughts on ways of life and creating artworks (57:05–01:02:55), and mentions the distinctiveness of Hong Kong works of art, which is under heavy Western influence (01:02:55–01:11:54).


錄音訪問開首,藝術家梁美萍談及她在1983至1993年間到法國巴黎學習藝術時的經歷 (00:00-11:17) ,並提到在巴黎生活期間親歷友人的死亡,因而開始對物件產生情感投射,從而啟發她進行混合媒介的創作,及後在創作上更重視物料的選擇 (17:39-22:40)。梁氏在訪問中又比較了自己在法時期與1994年回港後的創作風格—從進行以個人情感為主,發展到以客觀社會環境上的議題作創作 (22:40-29:27) 。梁氏亦提及自己在創作上如何以物料轉化為理念,並闡述了她對物料的要求和選擇過程 (29:27-45:30) 。訪談中段,梁氏解釋她著重創作過程中對物料及制作上的探索,當中詳述了2001年的裝置作品 So Near Yet So Far 的製作經過 (45:32-56:00)。訪談末段,梁美萍分享了現時對生活方式和創作兩者關係上的感想 (57:05-01:02:55) ,及提到香港藝術作品的獨特性主要受西方的影響。(01:02:55-01:11:54)


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Interview with Leung Meeping, 9 April 1998, 訪問梁美萍,一九九八年四月九日