Interview with Leung Poshan Anthony by Leung Chiwo Warren

Leung Poshan Anthony talks about how her studies of Cantonese Opera in Hon Fung Cantonese Opera from Primary 3 to junior high school years, and her exposure to ceramics, philosophy, and general knowledge during her formative years as a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have had far-reaching influences on her later career in art (00:00–19:01). Later on, Leung discusses working for the 20 Beans + a Box project, which encompassed performance art, installation art, theatrical space, and thinking through how these three aspects work together (19:02–27:58). After graduating from university, Leung not only became more focused on the relationship between art and society, but also understood the cross-media character of her own works. As the interview progresses, she elaborates on her recent creative ideas, and the relationship among personal experiences, political and social issues, as well as art media (27:58–57:34). Leung continues to share her views on the development of Hong Kong art. She also finds Zuni Icosahedron’s move to deconstruct the establishment, and its bold stance towards embracing the establishment, commendable. She also thinks that it is a viable way for Hong Kong art to develop (59:55–01:03:00). Towards the end of the interview, Leung uses her experiences from participating in overseas exhibitions and exchanges to comment further on the future of Hong Kong artists (01:07:25–01:15:10).    


梁寶山提及她在小學至初中時期在漢風粵劇研究院學習粵劇,後來就讀香港中文大學時期則接觸陶瓷、哲學和通識等,對她日後的藝術發展有很深遠的影響 (00:00-19:01) 。其後,梁氏談及參與《廿豆.盒子畫》項目中的創作,包括行為藝術、裝置藝術及劇場空間思考 (19:02-27:58) 。畢業後,梁氏更注重藝術與社會之間的關係,亦更理解自身作品中的跨界屬性。訪談中她述釋了自己近期的創作理念,與個人經歷、政治社會議題和作品媒介的關係 (27:58-57:34)。梁氏繼而分享她對香港藝術工作發展的看法;又對進念.二十面體拆解建制,並勇於成為建制的態度表示讚同,認為這是香港藝術發展的出路 (59:55-01:03:00)。訪問末段,梁氏進一步以到外地參展交流的的個人經歷,闡述了對香港藝術家前途的看法 (01:07:25-01:15:10)。


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Interview with Leung Poshan Anthony, 28 July 1998, 訪問梁寶山,一九九八年七月二十八日