Interview with Lo Yinshan by Leung Chiwo Warren

At the beginning of the interview, artist Lo Yinshan outlines her personal experiences of developing and practising art. She singles out her study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1989. During that time, she started writing and practising art through different media, and engaged in cultural and mass media fields later on. As she knew the art group Videotage, she also began renting equipment and shooting videos (00:00–11:00). Lo recalls that photography was her preferred medium during her earlier years. After graduation, she travelled to Europe, which also influenced her earlier works and concepts (11:30–26:43). Returning to Hong Kong in 1993 from Europe, she began using video as a medium for her works, which primarily deal with personal emotions (26:43–29:15). In the middle of the interview, Lo talks about how her introspective style has changed to an outward-looking one, and mentions that she was working on an art project on Lantau (29:25–41:25). Lo believes that in video art, the presentation format and contents are equally important (41:25–56:32), and explains how the artist’s subjective view plays a role in the choice of materials (56:32–1:01:23). She talks further about the limitation of art techniques (1:01:23–1:03:58), her works that she is satisfied with, as well as works that are under the influence of other artists (1:05:23–1:10:25). Towards the end of the interview, Lo responds to recent remarks about life in Hong Kong, as she points out that the Hong Kong art circle seems a bit cliquish, and shares her views on works by Hong Kong artists (1:11:07–1:21:20). At the end, she also makes some remarks on Hong Kong’s handover to China (1:22:00–1:22:50).


錄音訪問開首,藝術家盧燕珊簡述有關發展藝術創作的過程及個人經歷,當中談及1989年到香港理工大學學習,期間開始寫作及進行不同媒介的創作,期後從事文化與媒體工作;因認識藝術團體錄映太奇而開始租借錄影器材拍攝 (00:00-11:00) 。盧氏述說早年一直以攝影為創作媒介,而畢業後到歐洲的一段遊歷,則影響她早期的創作及理念 (11:30-26:43)。自1993年從歐洲回港後,她開始以錄像進行創作,內容較以個人情感為主 (26:43-29:15) 。在訪問的中段,盧氏提及自己創作風格上從內向變為外向的轉變,也闡述正在進行一個有關大嶼山的創作計劃 (29:25-41:25) 。盧氏認為錄像創作的呈現形式與內容同為重要(41:25-56:32),並解釋物料選擇上的主觀性 (56:32-1:01:23)。其後,盧氏談及有關創作技術上的限制(1:01:23-1:03:58)、 自己滿意的作品及受其他藝術家影響的作品 (1:05:23-1:10:25) 。在訪談末段,盧氏回應對近期在香港生活的看法—指出香港藝術圈比較「小圈子」,還有對香港藝術家的作品的看法 (1:11:07-1:21:20)。最後她亦提到對香港回歸的想法。(1:22:00-1:22:50)

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Interview with Lo Yinshan, 12 November 1998, 訪問盧燕珊,一九九八年十一月十二日